New take on work space

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Should your office have a pool table? Is air-con more important to you than parking? How do you get to work, or do you work from home?

Working lives and workspaces are increasingly diverse, and both employers and employees are thinking about what they want and need from where they earn their living. To create a picture of what the future holds for the world of work, we are asking both groups to let us know their answers in our new survey at

It’s clear that breakout space, flexible working and the re-purposing of retail space for offices are already on the agenda, with a mixture of economic, entrepreneurial and policy factors coming into play.

The very existence of a competition for Office Breakout of the Year is proof, if it were needed, that workspaces are changing. Set up by, the contest featured three local firms in the final; the title went to SLG, whose new offices in Cheltenham’s Brewery Quarter have featured in many photo spreads for their innovative and flexible use of space.

Open plan offices are no longer modern enough – these finalists, which included Bristol businesses Ashville Asset Management and People Source Consulting, all include space for their employees to mix and spend time during lunchbreaks, with pool tables, games consoles and arcade games.

SLG has gone further than most, with a variety of spaces for staff to spend time in, all to encourage people to mix with each other away from their desks to help foster working relationships.

They’re taking one further step by subletting about a quarter of their space on a flexible basis to entrepreneurs and start-ups in the high tech and cyber security sectors to enable new business to grow.

Greenfield sites will have a major impact on the growth of technology – the west of Cheltenham development, including a cyber park which has support from the GFirstLEP and a consortium of four universities – Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath and Cardiff – has already attracted seed funding.

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