New supercar sales auction platform to launch near Malmesbury


Paddlup, a new supercar sales auction platform based near Malmesbury, has unveiled a new promotional vehicle to raise awareness ahead of its 15th July sales launch. The Paddlup Ferrari F40 is one of the world’s most exclusive liveried promotional cars.

Paddlup FerrariThe Paddlup supercar sales service has a minimum offering value of £100,000 on vehicles and a maximum of three vehicle sales per day. It plans to only offer high-end automobiles for sale and will also offer a full concierge service operated from Paddlup’s facility in Wiltshire.

Founded by Tim Mayneord, who has automotive dealership and sales experience, and Joe Priday, developer, consultant and supercar collector, Paddlup will open the first listings in July. The company is now inviting consignments.

Tim said: “We want to bring a truly premium and trusted experience to the new age of digital auctions. Our approach will take the latest innovations combined with complete focus on customer care.”

The PaddlUp Rooms near Malmesbury will provide both storage of incoming cars for auction, plus a showroom environment for cars currently on sale. Beyond the showroom, there will be a members lounge area featuring four racing simulators, coffee bar, external refreshment units, and ample space for PaddlUp events. The facility houses a purpose-built photography studio where professional photographers can photograph and video each car consigned.

Prior to an auction commencing the car is collected and housed in a secure facility. Every vehicle will have been verified for authenticity and physically appraised for condition by the Paddlup team. All documentation is fully checked.