New social distancing software launched to help shops and restaurants reopen

The Software Farm, Sinuative

A team of developers based near Gloucester has launched a system to help get British shops and restaurants back trading.

The Software Farm, which specialises in big data management and tracking technologies, is to start installing its Sintuitive software from 19 May, which it says is the first failsafe automated occupancy control solution for UK businesses.

The Sintuitive software allows businesses to operate within the social distancing guidelines by the realtime counting of footfall in and out of premises using a thermal imaging camera and an automated smart display at the entrance to control occupancy levels.

The integrated software and hardware package can be scaled to suit any environment from a high street bakery or restaurant to a supermarket chain or office block.

The system has been designed to be a value asset beyond any social distancing rules by providing on site customisable marketing messaging and deep analytics.

Solutions Manager Brad Thurston said: “Our team have been working night and day to develop software and test components to create a complete solution that we hope will help unlock a lot of businesses by automatically managing their footfall. We have already been approached by several multiples. At its basic level, though, it can be self-installed by smaller independents so we are hoping we have the solution for all.”