New Redditch home for Beanprint as surge in small business sends printing workload soaring

John Truslove Beanprint

A thriving web-based printing business has enjoyed a rapid move into a new home in Redditch.

The move to the North Moons Moat estate has come after a year that has seen Beanprint enjoy a 300 per cent surge in its workload, as pandemic lockdowns proved the inspiration for a string of small start-up businesses in need to a rapid printing service.

Beanprint’s founder, software engineer Chris Chedgzoy, launched the business in 2009 to specialise in fast, short run printing of business cards, labels and posters designed through the company’s website. The family business has grown to employ eight people including both Chris’s daughters and their husbands.

Chris said: “I’ve designed all the software myself so I know it works. I was going to retire in 2000 but got bored and started Beanprint.

“Our system enables us to run the operation with a small team, handling the smaller orders that bigger printers tend to shy away from. We don’t need to print thousands of items. We work with lots of people who just need 50 business cards, or a few hundred labels, and our software system means we can handle scores of different orders every day.

“Since the lockdowns started last year, many people have started working from home and started small businesses. As a result, we have seen a 300 per cent increase in business over the last 12 months.

“We’re now printing 500 items a day, which peaked at 800 at one point. I keep expecting things to slow down, but it hasn’t done.

“We had been in the same premises since we started but circumstances had changed and we decided to look for somewhere new.

“But we wanted to move quickly so we spoke to Ian Parker at John Truslove and explained what we needed. He found a couple of possible sites and we chose 20 Colemeadow Road, on the North Moons Moat estate in Redditch. It’s ideal for our needs at the moment and we were able to move in really quickly.”

Ian Parker, joint managing director at John Truslove, secured a five year lease for for the 1,678 sq ft unit on the popular North Moons Moat estate.

He said: “Chris had very clear needs in terms of premises and the speed he wanted to move at. We worked closely with the landlord who was happy to move rapidly and Beanprint is making the most of its bigger premises.”

FBC Manby Bowdler’s Redditch office provided legal advice for Beanprint.