New presentation software wows customers


A Worcester-based business has launched an interactive new way to animate product information, embed videos, slideshows and motion graphics, offering sales and marketing teams a really engaging way to showcase products and services to clients and customers.

Called StiloTouch, the software is a vast step change improvement on the old Powerpoint presentation programme, which despite being launched in 1987, is still being used by far too many companies.

Stilo’s Managing Director, Ian Woodley, said: “Sales teams have traditionally had access to a variety of assets on their Ipads, laptops or tablets as they talk to customers or clients.

“Jumping in and out of different programmes, such as YouTube marketing videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents and more is time-consuming and can be annoying for the sales person and customer.

“Our system integrates all marketing assets, so every member of the sales team has an effective and slick presentation available to them.”

Another major feature of StiloTouch is that the presentations are available off-line, with no Wi-Fi required.

“Wi-Fi at expos and sales exhibitions is notoriously unreliable, so we decided to create high quality presentations which can be viewed anywhere.” added Ian.

One recent client, Matcon, specialises in supplying systems to companies to handle and process powders, granules and tablets in the food, nutrition, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Stilo worked with the company to creative a digital interactive presentation for its global sales team.

Kathryn Perry of Matcon said: “Stilo’s expertise has turned a ‘dry’ engineering presentation into a really inspiring narrative with the flexibility to take the conversation in any direction. So much more adaptable than a linear PowerPoint presentation, where the point you might want to make sits 20 slides ahead.”

“We think StiloTouch works most effectively for product-based companies with a technology edge to them which need a degree of explanation that can best understood by graphic illustration. What we do is pull all the company’s marketing assets together in one seamless experience. We build in animation and video alongside key information and tailor it around a client’s customer journey to maintain their interest and, more importantly, help turn customer interest into positive orders.”