New managing director for Snow Business

CA Nick Marsh Snow Business

Snow Business International Ltd has recruited a new managing director to maintain its current position and drive further growth. Nick Marsh will be joining the company on May 1 2018 to take over leadership from Snow Business founder and entrepreneur, Darcey Crownshaw who will move into the position of chairman.

Nick, who the company says has a long association with Snow Business, is tasked with taking the business forward as it looks to expand beyond its enviable position of world leaders in film and TV snow and winter special effects, into strengthening its visual merchandising and winter event effects portfolio of products.

Nick has ten years’ consultation experience with other aspirational businesses. He has previous experience in international business change, leadership development, strategic planning, account management and marketing; having worked with Forte, Whitbread and Stakis.

Nick said: “I am looking forward to working with and learning from the team at Snow Business to ensure that we can continue to delight clients and retain the position of world leader for snow and winter effects.”

In his role as Chairman, Darcey will continue to provide insight and resource, as well as drive special projects.

Snowbusiness started with Darcey Crownshaw and a few bags of fake snow made from recycled paper – a world first.

Developed for a friend who worked in special effects, SnowFx was eco-friendly, biodegradable and more realistic than existing products. It could be sprayed onto plants, trees, sloping roofs and moving cars, and it could be used to create footprints and tyre tracks. It could even make it into snowballs and hurled at actors – unlike the chemical alternatives .

Darcey’s snow quickly became the industry standard, replacing the salts, polystyrene, urea formaldehyde and other (less eco-friendly) products of the time.

Snow Business HQ is an 18th century watermill at Stonehouse, which also houses the centre of excellence for snow and winter effects. Used by technicians, institutions and universities from around the world, the resource is available to anyone who wants to discover the real possibilities of winter effects.