New ‘Escape Rooms’ to open at Hatton Country World!

Hatton Coun try World

Brand-new Escape Rooms are to open at Hatton Country World near Warwick on 1 August. The Rooms have been created by Tulleys Entertainment GROUP, the brains behind the award winning and world famous Shocktober Fest. Hatton Escape Rooms will feature two live experiences – Pirate-themed challenge, ‘Mutiny’, and The Outfitters, set in the Great Depression which are both rated number 2 in the world on TripAdvisor. In addition to the Rooms, there is also a licensed Bar and a Lobby with puzzles and board games.

Those visiting the Rooms enter a game scenario with friends, family or work colleagues for an hour and solve a series of puzzles and mysteries. They will have to search high and low for clues and work together if they want to escape. Anyone that gets stuck will be seen by a staff member who will monitor their progress on CCTV and will be ready to provide clues when needed so they can move forward through the game.

Stuart Beare from Tulleys Entertainment Group said, “It’s a pleasure to announce our new Escape Room venture located at the fabulous Hatton Country World which is a great new partnership between both companies”.

Johnnie Arkwright, owner at Hatton Country World, said: “These Rooms are incredibly well respected in the industry and it’s great to have this fantastic live gaming experience for our visitors to enjoy”.

The Rooms are suitable for 2 – 8 people per room. There are no restrictions on age, but the puzzles may be too demanding for those aged under 12. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult. The experience will last up to 90 minutes, which consists of 60 minutes being in the Room plus briefing and de-briefing. Prices start from £16.50 per person if 8 people are playing Monday – Friday.

Hatton Escape Rooms now joins the other 20 independent and unique outlets at Hatton Country World which sell a wide range of products and services including a gin school & distillery, electric bike shop, hairdresser, swim school, children’s nursery, farm shop, ladies clothing, confectionery, plants, jewellery, furnishings, handbags and scarfs.

 Hatton Country World has plenty of FREE parking. For more information please visit to book your Hatton Escape experience now.


It’s the year of our lord 1672, and you be right in the height o’ the golden age o’ piracy…After years of sailin’ the high seas, you and your crew have succeeded in your fair share of ambushes, and as a result – your ship is teamin’ with bounty. Yet you’re still suffering beneath the cruel wrath o’ Captain Starling – a notoriously bloodthirsty buccaneer, and your shipmates have decided you all shall take matters into your own hands. After all… you fought for the gold, so the gold is yours for the taking, aye? Once the old seadog has retreated to his berth for the night, you make your move. Get in, get the treasure and get out. You won’t have long before he starts to stir – and Starling shows no mercy to ANY soul…

The Outfitters

It’s 1926 here in Chicago, and depression is still rife. Jobs are few and far between and the Prohibition has been in force for six years now. Everyone still drinks, nothin’ has changed. But now the mob control the streets, the supply and the money. The influence of the Outfit is far reaching. Most of the cops are even under their control. Who can put them in the joint? You can, that’s who. The Commissioner has put together a special task force of straight, trusted cops and you’re on the team. You’ve spent the last few months infiltrating their network and now tonight is the night to get the evidence you need to put them away forever. But it won’t be easy, your cover might be blown!