New cyber start up aims to overcome skills shortages

Titan View

A Malvern-based cyber security start-up is hoping to transform the industry by developing automated software to help overcome skills shortages and reduce the need for small firms to hire specialist staff.

Titan Labs was founded by four cyber security professionals, Rob Brewer, Tom West, Tim Charrot and Phil Johnson, who between them have over 40 years of experience in organisations including HP, Serco, the Ministry of Defence and other UK government bodies.

Along with providing consultancy services to some well-known companies, Titan Labs is also developing a new cloud-based software which will use algorithms to help detect threats and provide best practice guidance on how to deal with them.

The product, Titan View, is due for launch by November.

Tim Charrot said: “Some organisations we work with have a lot of responsibility for people’s data they hold, but they can’t always afford the skills needed to do it properly.”

Rob Brewer said: “Big firms can spend six-figure sums on hiring teams of professionals. However it is a real problem for small firms who typically have one person to manage all aspects of their IT.

Tom West added: “The UK has a serious skills shortage which is leaving organisations vulnerable to cyber crime. We aim to reduce the reliance on expert security staff and change the market for the better.”

Titan Labs has been using income from consultancy work to fund the development of Titan View, but plans to seek backing from investors after the launch to support further development work to incorporate advanced technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning.