New Cheltenham-based swimwear brand to launch

Topaz Swimwear

A Cheltenham-based designer is pressing ahead with the launch of her long-planned new swimwear brand, Topaz.

The brand, which takes its name from the crystal of love, good fortune and attainment of goals, is made up of aqua marine colours which reflect the colours of the ocean.

“My mission was to create a boutique swimwear line that promotes exclusive designs to a tailored fit,” said Natasha Rose, Founder and Designer of Topaz.

“I noticed the current market was missing classic, timeless and sexy swimwear made with luxury quality at a competitive price. There is great symbolism and purpose behind the values of the brand and by providing unique, limited-edition apparel women are reminded to embrace their individuality and uniqueness.”

Natasha says that what sets Topaz aside from other labels is the exclusivity of the brand being independently designed in the UK by a young entrepreneur. Each product is made with the finest fabrics, signature hardware, and tailored fits. Drawing the brand’s name from a crystal which reflects the ocean’s vibrant colours, Natasha has committed to donating a percentage of sales each month to a nominated charity which supports the protection of the ocean.

“I believe in incorporating sustainability wherever possible in the design process. I always try to find a good balance between sustainability and luxury and quality. It is my belief that we should be passionate about everything we do. I have built this brand from the ground up over the last 18 months all while working full-time as a designer elsewhere, and I have put my heart and soul into it,” says Natasha.