National chef shortage over for Holee Clucker as it reopens in Cheltenham

Holee Clucker interior

Holee Clucker, on Suffolk Road in Cheltenham will be re-opening this Thursday, February 4th.

The restaurant, owned by the restaurant group, JM Socials, felt the pressure of the National Chef Shortage back in September. The business closed for five months and took the opportunity to re-work and update the menu and recruit new staff.

Last year, UKHospitality, an industry lobby group, described the shortage of staff as “critical”. Data from the Office for National Statistics showed that there was a 10 per cent vacancy rate in the hospitality sector, equivalent to 210,000 roles.

Jay Rahman, co-founder of JM Socials said: “Like hundreds of restaurants across the UK, Holee Clucker struggled with the National Chef Shortage.

“We’ve taken these few months to re-evaluate our concept, update our menu and look at how we can make things even better for our guests.

“I also think it’s important to mention that during Holee Clucker’s break, our group re-visited our benefits scheme. We have successfully developed and launched the JM Socials heath & wellbeing program which gives our team members gym memberships, mental health support and enhanced annual leave so we can make JM Socials a positive environment for each team member.”

Holee Clucker is now opening with a new menu, including dishes such as the ‘green machine’ salad, a burrito rice box and updated chicken burgers.