National Asparagus Day Looks Set for A Bumper Crop

Vaale of Evesham Asparagus

St. George’s Day also happens to be National Asparagus Day as it marks the start of the English Asparagus Season on 23rd April and this year looks set for a bumper crop of Vale of Evesham asparagus.

The start of the month-long asparagus season is marked in eccentric British style with the first-cut round of asparagus being celebrated and revered. The “100” round of asparagus will then be taken by a fleet of vintage cars to its final destination – in the past this has included Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. This year London’s Chelsea Pensioners are to be the recipients with the asparagus troupe arriving at the Royal Hospital on the afternoon of 23rd April.

Before setting out on the journey, the asparagus will be blessed, danced around by Morris Dancers, have poets recite odes to it and singers sing songs to it. Throughout the Vale of Evesham, where the best asparagus is said to be grown as recognised by the European Union by being awarded geographical protected food status, restaurants, pubs and eateries join the celebrations by serving asparagus in every imaginable guise, from jam to sausages and even soap!