Name our new bike, say National cycling charity and innovative Gloucester tricycle designer Tomcat SNI

Cycling Projects PR

Cycling Projects, the leading inclusive cycling charity across the UK, has joined forces with Gloucester based double Queen’s award winner trike manufacturers Tomcat SNI Ltd, to design an affordable and innovative hand- propelled tricycle.

The two organisations have worked together for nearly a decade to making cycling accessible to all. In 2019 they collaborated on the design of an innovative tricycle product called the “Dragon” and younger brother, the “Dragonfly”. Together, they aimed to make cycling accessible to almost all users and have since become among Tomcats bestselling products. Cycling Projects and Tomcat are now working together to find a similar solution for a hand-propelled tricycle.

The design objectives of the new innovation, planned for launch in spring of 2022, is a hand-propelled trike that is easily accessible for independent users, including wheelchair users. The new design promises to be lightweight and easy to propel, while being stable and surefooted on all terrains. It will also be easy and quick to adjust in multi-user environments such as cycling centres and schools. Like all Tomcat products, the new design will be the best quality money can buy, but at an affordable price.

But the new bike needs a name.

The name should be not just for the adult model, but for the teenager too. Finding a good name is always a challenge and that’s why Cycling Projects and Tomcat are asking for the public’s help.

Tomcat SNI’s Founder and chief engineer Bob Griffin, said: “Between 17th November 2021 and 28th February 2022 we will be running a competition that anyone can enter to find a great name for our new trike. If possible, it should hint at its “hand-propelled” credentials. Also, try to hint at its two sizes (for example “Dragon and Dragonfly”) The best name we receive, whether used or not, will win the very first trike off the production line in a size to suit the winner, to keep for themselves, or give away to a good home of their choice.”

Ian Tierney, Charity Director added: “The Tomcat Dragon and Dragonfly models are some of the most popular models across our Wheels for All network. A new, lightweight hand-propelled cycle will provide great opportunities for even more people to enjoy the magic of cycling, and we’re excited to see what it will be named!”

The “Name a Tomcat trike” competition will be launched at the next Kidz to Adultz North event at the exhibition centre in Liverpool on 17th November at Cycling Projects stand on V12.

Bob Griffin, founder and MD of Tomcat added: “A quick comparison of muscle mass in the arms and legs of us humans will quickly convince you that legs are far stronger than arms. After all, they have to support and transport the human body most of the time. Arms are part time workers by comparison. Therefore, if the arms are to be the main source of propulsion, it makes sense to design a machine that is as light, well-engineered and as ergonomic as possible. We hope we have achieved that with our new design, but because enjoying cycling is also about riding comfort and confidence, we have included some of our best innovation into the new trike to make it a pleasure to get on, get off, and ride. We hope you will enjoy it.”