Oxfordshire based mobile phone accessory company supports those in hospital with Covid-19


Oxfordshire based mobile accessories manufacturer, Juice, is supporting those in hospital with COVID-19, by helping them keep in contact with their loved ones.

The company has teamed up with authorised Samsung repair and service partner TMT First, to provide patients with a refurbished tablet and a Juice power bank, at a time when it has never been more important to connect with family and friends online.

For each tablet sent out by TMT First to COVID-19 patients, Juice provides a power bank.

Jolyon Bennett, Juice CEO of Juice, said: “Individuals and businesses are facing unprecedented challenges and increased uncertainty as a result of the current COVID-19 crisis, and for some the impact is likely to be more significant.

Hospitals are cutting visits to patients to prevent the spread of the virus and so people are inevitably going to be feeling isolated and frightened and will be having to use video links and technology more than ever to stay in touch with those on the outside.

“Collaborating with TMT First was a no brainer. It is essential that businesses start to pool resources, re-purpose factories and production facilities – just do something to help. We really hope that the tablets and power banks will keep patients connected and online so that they can stay in regular contact with their family and friends throughout their stay in hospital.”

Originally launched as Gusto Telecom Solutions Limited in 2010, juice®has had an impressive start to the year, with GfK market research data revealing they sold more Apple lightning cables in January than any other brand in the UK – including Apple.

This quickly followed by winning the prestigious ‘Best Accessories Manufacturer’ award at the annual Mobile News Awards 2020.