Mitsubishi Motors in Cirencester to become aftersales-only business

Mitsubishi Motors Cirencester

Cirencester-based Mitsubishi Motors will become an after-sales only business, following Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s shock announcement last July that it was going to pull out of the UK and European car markets.

However, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has now announced plans to sell new vehicles from Alliance partner Renault. These will be available in selected left-hand drive European markets only, not be offered for sale in the UK and will not be produced in right-hand drive.

Cirencester-based Mitsubishi Motors in the UK is progressing with its plans to sell the existing range of vehicles until the autumn at which point it will transition into an aftersales-only business to ensure the 400,000 Mitsubishi vehicles on UK roads continue to receive full support in terms of maintenance, spare parts, accessories, warranty and technical support well into the future.

Full details of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK’s next steps will be announced in due course, the company said.

Last July a statement from the UK company said:

“On Monday July 27 The Colt Car Company learned that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is freezing the introduction of new vehicles in Europe, including the UK. The current range of Mitsubishi vehicles will remain on sale, however, and our valued customers can be assured that they will continue to receive FULL support in terms of service, repair, warranty, recalls, parts and accessories well into the future.”

“There are currently 247 employees in Cirencester (across The Colt Car Company, Spitalgate Dealer Services Limited and Shogun Retail Limited)

“Although Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will not be bringing in any new cars to the European market, including the UK, the Colt Car Company will continue to sell the current Mitsubishi Motors range to our UK Dealer network from our base here in Cirencester.

“The Colt Car Company has been looking for additional complimentary brands to bring to the UK market and has commenced some very preliminary discussions in this respect and with the announcement from Mitsubishi Motors will be looking now to accelerate this effort.”

Mitsubishi to pull out of the UK and other European markets