Military honours for Cheltenham’s Prithvi chefs on Bake Off: The Professionals

Prithvi Bake Off Dinesh and Ben

Two chefs from Prithvi, the renowned Indian restaurant in Cheltenham, have teams up to appear on Channel 4’s Bake Off: The Professionals.

And the first challenge for Prithvi’s Dinesh Ramsurn and Benjamin Condé was to create a military-themed chocolate amenity to honour Dinesh’s military chef background, as well as 36 delectable-looking Mont Blanc Tarts.

Dinesh moved to the UK from Mauritius to join the British Army, where he spent eight years serving, and during his time won an astonishing 14 medals representing the combined services in culinary competitions. He also cooked for the Queen.

A keen gardener and runner, Dinesh’s hobbies aren’t limited to land, he can be found flying his beloved homing pigeons at the weekend.

With an equal love of all things taking flight, Ben is not only aiming to open his own patisserie but he is also training for his helicopter license when he is not going to gigs and playing music himself.

Their simple but enticing showpiece wowed both judges Benoit and Cherish, prompting Cherish to remark that she “[didn’t] like it… “I love it.”

Based on their outstanding performances in both challenges, the judges decided that Prithvi’s chefs would advance to the next round in first place.

“We are really pleased that the chefs are able to showcase the talent we see day in and day out at Prithvi, in front of not just the talented judges, but the nation as well,” said Prithvi owner Jay Rahman.