Midland business champions our need for trees

Pictured: Peter Wharton (front) and the team outside their new offices in Kings Coughton.

The need for trees has never been higher on the agenda – and one Warwickshire business is aiming to sow the seeds of change with the seeds of its growth.

Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants is starting the New Year in a new office, expanding the team and its premises in a move to a bespoke rural base in Kings Coughton.

Wharton, previously based at Minerva Mill in Alcester, will be celebrating its 12th year in business in 2020, having grown to become one of the leading tree and ecology consultancies in the UK.

The company, founded and headed by Peter Wharton, manages natural infrastructure projects and developments, providing a full service in land, tree, ecology and landscape architecture advice.

Wharton works with everyone – from architects, planning consultants, property and private estate owners, to councils, schools, hotel and leisure facilities.

At a time when the need to plant trees and protect nature has never been higher on the agenda, the team’s aim is not only to help clients meet their environmental objectives, but to encourage them to see natural landscaping as a fundamental part of their schemes.

“It’s about creating spaces that people want to be in,” Peter Wharton says.

“And recognising that the natural environment, when well-planned and managed, adds value.

“We work towards a future where our ever-growing world is in balance with nature.

“By looking at a development site now, as well as 10 or 20 years down the line, we help planners and developers to visualise the natural spaces that can be created, connecting people – especially in our towns and cities – to nature.”

Wharton’s team are specialists at achieving biodiversity net gain – an approach to development that leaves biodiversity in a better state than before.

“We want trees, ecology and habitats to be seen as assets and opportunities, not planning constraints,” Mr Wharton adds.

“By 2050, it is predicted that 70 per cent of the population will live in towns and cities – and so it’s crucial we create and manage natural landscapes that people can connect with, where they live. It’s about far more than removing trees and re-planting in another area.”

Wharton’s expanded team encompasses ecologists, arboricultural consultants and landscape designers, providing a complete service for clients across the UK.

For more information visit www.wnic.co.uk