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Metric Group launches cost effective EV charging solutions for industrial and commercial businesses and property developers

There are currently more than 42,000 charging devices in the UK, but tens of thousands more will be needed to meet the government’s ambitions that all new cars sold by 2030 must be electric.

From next year, new homes and commercial buildings must install electric vehicle charge points under new legislation announced by the government late last year. Local Authorities and businesses must also ensure there are charging facilities available for EV owners that can be added to the existing built environment.

That could be a major cost – and a major headache for businesses, property owners, investors, and developers, but not if they work with Metric Group.

METRIC is an innovative technology company, leading solution provider and service partner in the fi elds of parking and ticketing.

Headquartered in Swindon, the 140-yearold company, which has been designing and manufacturing car parking solutions for more than 50 years, are now expanding their award-winning parking design and innovation expertise – into electric car charging.

The team at Metric Group are now offering the perfect solution for EV charging, with a range of fast AC and rapid DC chargers, all integrated with contactless and QR code payment solutions.

Metric Group will fund the investment in the full infrastructure (subject to survey) needed to meet the new government regulations. This potentially can save businesses, property owners, investors, and developers the up-front equipment and installation costs. Metric Group will also pay a percentage of the income generated by each electric vehicle charging session back to the site owner, offering them the opportunity to generate revenue as well as adding to their facilities.

JBR_5770_smlAndy Parker EV Sales Manager for UK & Europe said:

“Using Metric Group’s technology, it has never been easier to park, charge and pay with the simple swipe of a card or scan of a QR code”

“Our fully integrated solutions of terminals and back-office software means you can easily manage your electric vehicle charging – and your parking too” 


A range of EV charging solutions…

Metric Group offers a range of EV charging solutions. From a 7.3kwh and 22kwh fast AC chargers best suited to domestic and office use, up to 40kwh, 60kwh and 300kwh super rapid DC Chargers for large commercial sites. With domestic and light commercial fast charging, to super rapid charging, Metric Group can provide a complete solution for your business.

“Our funded solution includes site survey, installation, equipment and the creation of a suitable charging infrastructure, which delivers revenue to the property owner every time someone plugs in their vehicle, with no upfront investment required.” explains Andy.

Battery storage means capitalising on off-peak electricity  

Metric can also provide a battery storage solution, which can be forced charged during o‑ -peak hours, and then utilise that stored energy for the EV charging infrastructure. This enables the site owner to draw electricity from the National Grid when it’s more economical and allow vehicle owners to use it during the day. This will also help lighten the load on the UK’s National Grid at peak times.

Make your parking and charging facilities work for you, and your customers

Metric Group can install and connect one payment terminal for multiple AC charge points across your car park. This allows users to pay for their charging and/or parking, safely and securely through contactless payment.

With its years of experience in the parking sector, Metric Group has all the knowledge required to support businesses, property owners, investors and developers to turn their car parks into revenue generating opportunities.

If you would like more information on EV charging stations, have any other questions about installing charging stations as part of your commercial landscape or linking EV to your existing parking operations, please contact Andy Parker at

METRIC EV Charging   01793 647800

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AC and DC currents explained
The power delivered by the national grid is always AC (Alternating Current), but electronic devices, like mobile phones, laptops and even electric vehicles must charge their batteries with DC (Direct Current). This requires the AC supply to be converted to DC. For mobile phones and laptops, this is done inside the plug or power adaptor, supplied with the device. With EVs, the converter is built into the car or van.
Charging from an AC charging station is typically faster than a domestic supply, but slower than a DC charging station. The size and capacity of the vehicle’s on-board converter is constrained by the space inside the vehicle.
There are advantages to AC charging in that the cost of installation and operation are lower than for DC charging. This has made them the most popular choice for charging vehicles that remain parked for 30 minutes or more (or even overnight).