Metrasens receives Royal visit and Queen’s Award for Innovation

Metrasens Royal Visit

Metrasens, a leading provider of advanced magnetic detection technologies, received a visit from His Royal Highness TheDuke of Gloucester, accompanied by The Lord-Lieutenant of Worcestershire Lt. Col. Patrick Holcroft.

HisRoyal Highness toured Metrasens’ production facility and met employees who explained the activities of the Company in three of its markets: Counter-terror, MRI Patient Safety, and Mental Health Facility Security.

The visit culminated in The Duke presenting The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, Innovation, on behalf of The Queen. The honour was presented to Metrasens for its ground-breaking work in providing advanced screening capabilities, not available through conventional detection technologies. This is the second consecutive year Metrasens has received The Queen’s Award. In 2017, the company was recognised in the category of International Trade.

After receiving the Award, Dr Simon Goodyear, Metrasens CEO and co-founder, addressed invited guests, recalling the founders’ focus on using innovation to build a strong intellectual property foundation for the company, with the aim of making the world a safer place. He praised the Metrasens team, “continually looking for new ways in which we can deploy our core technology, to help our customers solve real and previously intractable safety and security problems, in over 40 countries and growing. This honour is testament to the dedication of everyone in the Company. I thank you all for this, you should be very proud today.”

Metrasens’ solutions are used in hospitals to ensure patient safety in MRI suites. They are used in prisons to detect contraband and cell phones being smuggled into the facilities; and increasingly in secure government and commercial facilities to provide physical data-security. The company’s most recent innovation is a screening system which can be used at a variety of venues, such as sports arenas, large scale events like concerts and at corporate campuses to detect threats involving weapons of mass casualty, without causing disruption to the flow of people.