Coventry manufacturing centre offers employment to apprentices facing redundancy

Photo shows the MTC's Intubation Shield
MTC Apprentices

Following Government advice on Covid-19, the Coventry-based MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre) closed its Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre, but continued to facilitate trainers providing apprentices with virtual support to continue their learning.

But with many businesses struggling in these difficult times, a number of apprentices have faced redundancy and the possibility of being unable to complete their apprenticeships. To support its learners, the MTC has offered to employ these apprentices following redundancy.

MTC CoventryDavid Hughes MBE, Managing Director for the AMTC, said “I am delighted that we have been able to help our apprentices who have faced redundancy. By providing employment at the MTC, we have enabled them to continue their learning and finish their apprenticeships.”

The MTC is committed to supporting its apprentices and the manufacturing sector and has also been playing its party in supporting the healthcare staff.

Following the ongoing success with the Intubation Shield for NHS workers, the MTC followed that by prototyping and developing a face visor that uses laser cutting technology, which is available as a free open source download.

Starting with an initial open source concept created by Nottingham Hackspace, the design was modified to meet user specific requirements and reduce the typical time it would take to manufacture. Using the MTC’s state-of-the-art facility and the latest manufacturing technologies, the visor has been laser cut to ensure safety and comfortability and is built using a polypropylene frame and a clear plastic screen. The visor is suitably designed for quick hand-assembly, with build instructions provided within the technical pack.