Manufacturing company Lontra expands distributor network in the USA


Lontra Limited, the Warwickshire-based developer, manufacturer, and exporter of high value industrial machinery for critical industries, has signed Blackhawk Equipment Corporation as a distributor.

Blackhawk has a strong reputation in their home state of Colorado and has the largest service centre of any industrial distributor in that state.

Blackhawk will distribute Lontra’s energy saving LP2 blower product within Colorado, Western Nebraska, Southern Wyoming, New Mexico and Western Kansas.

The USA market represents 26 per cent of the global market for compressors and Lontra has already secured the distribution of their products in North America now covering 16 states.

The LP2 blower features Lontra’s award-winning Blade Compressor® technology: a patent protected, compact, rotary compressor providing significant improvements in efficiency and reliability for applications in energy intensive industries such as wastewater treatment and pneumatic conveying.

Tom Chmielewski, General Manager at Blackhawk Equipment, said: “We are very excited about the opportunities that the Lontra LP2 and the Blade Compressor technology will bring to Blackhawk Equipment.

“Having a premium efficiency, more reliable blower for our customers will open up new markets for us in wastewater treatment and pneumatic conveying.

“We are receiving very favourable feedback regarding power savings of up to 34 per cent compared to other blower technologies, and in critical industries the increased reliability and durability also gives us considerable advantages.”

Euan McCulloch, Chief Operating Officer at Lontra said: “Blackhawk are a great partner for Lontra and it’s a strong endorsement of the amount of commercial and customer interest in our technology that we’ve signed as a distributor of this stature.”

This is a significant step as Lontra builds their USA distribution network for their ground-breaking technology which has been proven to reduce electricity usage by up to 34 per cent against market leading competitors.

“This significant energy saving is critical in industries such as water treatment where the electricity to run machines of this type can account for 72 per cent of the total site electricity use.

The Lontra LP2 is a completely packaged blower in a noise attenuating enclosure. The compressor unit is driven by a unique permanent magnet motor with a Yaskawa VSD for outstanding efficiency at all operating conditions.