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Apprenticeships – A Swindon Legacy

 When it comes to manufacturing and engineering, Swindon has a historical legacy. The, now dilapidated, Mechanics Institute once delivered the first engineering courses to workers on the Great Western Railway in 1855.  Today, close by, the Swindon and Wiltshire Institute of Technology, delivers a wide variety of STEM apprenticeships including courses in engineering and manufacturing.

 Apprenticeship Opportunity

Manufacturing apprenticeships offer a diverse range of opportunities for both school leavers and those looking for a new career direction.  Since apprenticeships scrapped the upper age limit of 25 in 2010, apprenticeship study has increased by 41%, highlighting the importance of offering apprenticeship opportunities to all age groups, including those wanting to progress further on their chosen career path.

Engineering and manufacturing career routes are not always immediately appealing to students but many of them have a passion for STEM subjects and supporting them to realise the wide variety of vocations related to this is vital.  Engineering and manufacturing apprenticeships can lead to a wide range of roles including those in the aeronautical, automotive and architectural industries as well as more traditional manufacturing industries such as food production.

Add to this the appeal of being paid whilst combining on-the-job training with academic study, for many, an apprenticeship is much more appealing than the traditional university route with high student debt.  There isn’t a better time to start a manufacturing apprenticeship as people within this industry are in high demand.

Investing the in development of staff

 For employers, apprenticeships not only allow them to address their immediate skills gaps by bringing in new talent, but also provide an opportunity to improve the engagement of existing staff who feel valued by an employer that is investing in and supporting their career. They are a cost-effective alternative to the often lengthy and expensive recruitment/ onboarding processes.

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Apprenticeships at the Swindon and Wiltshire Institute of Technology are available to start throughout the year and you can apply for the latest vacancies online via

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