Malvern Festival of Innovation rebrands as …..

Malvern Festival of Innoculation

This year the annual Malvern Festival of Innovation will be rebranded the Malvern Festival of Inoculation, and is being planned as a live, in-person event from Monday 4th October to Saturday 9th October 2021.

It is anticipated that the Festival will be a celebration of the emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic in which innovation and creativity in science, technology and business have all helped society cope with this far-reaching global issue.

Dr Adrian Burden, the managing director of Innovate Malvern, the social enterprise behind the Festival that in turn is soon to be renamed Inoculate Malvern, states “The rapid development, testing and deployment of vaccines to counter the virus is a clear demonstration of the scientific ingenuity of mankind. We hope that by October the virus that has caused so much anguish and suffering will have been suppressed enough to allow the Festival to go ahead. This will enable students to once again be enthused by our STEM content, business professionals to be meet and network with their peers, and members of the public to be inspired by our speakers and exhibitors.”

The Malvern Festival of Inoculation will include an opening lecture on the Monday evening, followed by the Next Generation Inoculators schools’ day on the Tuesday. It is also hoped that a number of business and entrepreneurship focused symposia will run mid-week, along with a Formal Dinner on the Thursday evening, the Science Comedy Night on the Friday evening and the popular Family Day on the Saturday.