Major employment site in Cov and Warks launches car-sharing scheme

Stoneleigh park

A major employment site in Coventry and Warwickshire is launching a car-sharing scheme to make journeys to and from work greener, cheaper and easier.

Stoneleigh Park, which has around 1,500 people employed by 100 companies and organisations on site, is introducing the initiative as part of its commitment to introduce sustainable transport measures.

It has partnered with Liftshare, the UK’s leading car-sharing scheme provider with over 667,000 registered users in its public facing network and around 700 organisations, to establish the scheme for drivers and passengers working at the estate.

Liftshare has estimated that five tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions could be saved on average each month if every potential car sharer at Stoneleigh Park did so daily, and that they could each save around £200 a year by car sharing with just one individual.

The research was based upon postcode analysis of just a fifth of those working on site, which identified that 62 per cent had the ability to car share as they lived within one mile of another employee.

Colin Hooper, estates director at Stoneleigh Park, said: “Stoneleigh Park is a thriving employment site with a record number of people working for companies and organisations based here.

“A scoping study clearly showed the potential for a car-sharing scheme, and the benefits could be considerably greater than those estimated not only for those working here but also for the wider community, particularly in helping to reduce carbon emissions and congestion.

“We are encouraging everyone who works on site to sign up either as a driver or passenger and are delighted that the National Farmers’ Union and Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, which between them employ nearly 800 people, have both appointed car share champions to encourage their own workforces to register.”

A bespoke and secure website, supported with a mobile app, has been set up to enable employees to find or give a lift on a regular or ad hoc basis.

George Beacock, client engagement manager at Liftshare, said: “By car sharing, you can split the cost of a journey and reduce your carbon footprint but there are many more advantages such as providing easier and less stressful access to work and combating congestion.

“It’s great to be bringing those benefits to people working at Stoneleigh Park and we’re hoping for a strong take-up. Signing up to the scheme is simple. After registering online, you just add a journey as a driver or passenger, find a match and you’re off.”