Magnetic success driver Kickstarter investment

Ash and Matt (Medium)

Two design engineers are crowdfunding to develop their latest product, an innovative magnetically-controlled pen.

Ashley Hribar-Green and Matthew Cain, who met four years ago while working for the technology giant Dyson, set out on Kickstarter to raise £6,000 in 60 days to finance Magno-Ink, and ahead of the 15 December deadline, the dynamic duo had raised over £60,000 from 1245 backers.

Co-designer Matthew,said: “It is designed using patent-pending magnetic propulsion technology. We want to make Magno-Ink ‘affordable luxury’ for everyone. Having people enjoy our products is more important than making profit.”

The men, whose are based at Malmesbury, North Wiltshire, have taken inspiration from their first product launched last year, Magno, ‘The World’s First Magnetically Controlled Pencil’.

“We are the very first company in the world to use magnets in order to control the activation of a writing instrument. It makes us extremely proud to be the pioneers of this revolutionary technology,” said Matthew.