Low cost app aims to eliminate business supply chain problems

Vos Voco app image

A new, low cost app that aims to tackle the supply chain problems has been launched in the UK.  The new app – Vos Voco can be run from any phone as a standalone piece of technology or  integrated into a business’s existing technology systems.  The app will identify and weed out problems in the supply chain with the aim of improving business profitability.

Vos Voco, based at Banbury, is designed to work with any business that operates within a supply chain, from small distributors to global car manufacturers.

Derek Silby, creator of the app and Managing Director of Vos Voco said: “I believe that Vos Voco is a real gamechanger  – it is low risk, low cost and high impact and most importantly will work alongside existing IT systems or as a standalone product.  Using app and web technology alongside a personalised service and support system, it is easy to set up and can be up and running in only a few days.  Any business that routinely collects data will find it quick and easy to use, transforming the way that they do business. “

Vos Voco can also be reused within a business for other tasks including risk assessments, audits, Health and Safety reporting and quality inspections.

The app is available on both Apple and Android and is free for a supplier’s customer to download and use.

Vos Voco has developed the new app specifically aimed at sectors that have large supply chains.  The app’s founder, Derek Silby, is an experienced operations manager and  has seen at first hand the problems caused by inefficient supply chains.  He felt that there was a real need for a low cost piece of technology that would help suppliers understand where there were persistent problems in the supply chain that may be costing money and decreasing efficiency.