Looking to reduce running costs for your company? Making energy improvements to your premises could be the answer…

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There’s no getting around the fact that it’s been a difficult time for businesses, with Covid-19 turning our working lives upside down and completely changing workspaces and operations for many. We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but for the immediate future, many of us will still be looking for ways to reduce running costs to improve the bottom line for our organisation.

Energy use in our buildings and premises represent a large cost for businesses. It is, of course, a necessary cost – we need heating and electricity to keep our businesses running and our employees and customers comfortable. But, energy costs can be vastly reduced.

In the UK our buildings are largely old and inefficient – including our workplaces. We are constantly wasting energy through the outdated fabric of our buildings: single-glazed windows, uninsulated walls or roofs, high energy lightbulbs, faulty radiators, and more. This wasted energy represents wasted money.

Not only that, it also represents excess carbon emissions, making up a large proportion of an organisation’s carbon footprint.

In fact, according to the UK Committee on Climate Change, buildings are responsible for 29% of the UK’s total annual carbon emissions. Local businesses are adding to the climate crisis, often without even knowing about the issues with their premises. If you want to do something about the environmental impact of your business, energy use is the place to start.

So what can we do about it?

The answer lies in making energy improvements…

Energy improvements aim to reduce the energy use in a building through various different measures. This could be draught-proofing around windows and doors to reduce heat loss. Or it could be that you need to replace an old, faulty boiler with an air source heat pump to keep the building a constant temperature all year round. Or maybe it’s replacing your light bulbs with more efficient LED light bulbs.

So what’s the catch? Well, these things cost time and money to review – and often energy efficiency simply isn’t a priority with everything else going on in your business.

That’s where Energy Solutions Oxfordshire comes in – a new service set up by Oxfordshire social enterprise the Low Carbon Hub in collaboration with the not-for-profit Environmental Information Exchange unit at Oxford Brookes University.

Their vision is for it to be simple and cost effective for every business in our community to stop wasting energy, cutting energy bills and coming together to make a big difference to climate change. They’ve developed a complete energy efficiency service using their decades of combined experience working with local businesses. Their committed team of experts handle the whole process from start to finish, always aiming to make the best energy improvements for each individual building to ensure energy, carbon, and cost savings. Plus, if covering the upfront costs is a barrier, they’re able to support you with financing options.

“To drastically reduce our carbon emissions, we must quickly address the high energy usage of our buildings – increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy demand. We are thrilled to be a partner on this innovative project, supporting Oxfordshire SMEs to implement energy efficiency measures, reducing their costs and carbon emissions.”  Says Barbara Hammond MBE, CEO of Low Carbon Hub

The development of Energy Solutions Oxfordshire is supported by funding from the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’s Boosting Access for SMEs to Energy Efficiency (BASEE) competition. This funding means that until June 2021 the service is completely free until the point when improvements are implemented – meaning that right now you can access their expert advice on recommended measures, project planning, suggested contractors, measurement and verification plans to measure savings, and more for free. It really is a no brainer!

Visit the website to find out more and get started by filling in a short online survey to receive a free desktop diagnosis report for your organisation www.energysolutionsoxfordshire.org

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