Lockdown love thriving, despite government wedding restrictions

Sylvesters the Jewellers

Lockdown love is thriving in Kenilworth despite the continued government restrictions on weddings.

Sylvesters the Jewellers, which is based in Talisman Shopping Centre, has enjoyed consistently strong sales since reopening in April – and it is engagement and wedding rings at the top of the sales charts.

The shop is thriving and is currently experiencing double the amount of sales it would usually at this time of year.

This has included a significant increase in the number of wedding and engagement rings being sold to customers – with three wedding ring sales being completed in a single morning recently.

Phil Sylvester owns the third-generation family business, which was formed in 1935 and became the inaugural Talisman Shopping Centre tenant more than 50 years ago.

He said: “We’ve been mega busy since reopening and the last few weeks in particularly have been really strong for us.

“There has been a clear uptake in the sale of engagement and wedding rings recently, there has been a lot of interest from customers in these items and it’s clear that the government restrictions aren’t leading to our customers delaying buying these pieces.

“You can lockdown many aspects of life – but you can’t lockdown love

“Our sales are up significantly on this time last year. We have our regular customers to thank for that, but then we have also seen a lot of new faces who are looking to support their local businesses.

“Repairs are always a good source of business for us and over the last couple of months we have been very busy in that department, with watch repairs in particular proving popular.

“We’re hoping this demand continues and we are in line for a busy summer, which is really important after a difficult 18 months for all of the retail industry, both locally and nationally.”

Hugo Hawkings, chief executive of Discovery Properties – the developers of Talisman Shopping Centre – added: “It’s fantastic to see shoppers out supporting local businesses and this is the case with Sylvesters the Jewellers since it reopened in April.

“Footfall has been strong in Talisman Shopping Centre over the last couple of months. We have put a range of guidelines and safety measures in place to make visiting Talisman as safe an experience as possible, so it is great to see people back and shopping with our businesses.”