Local businesses need our help now more than ever says Gloucestershire business owner


Cullimore Group managing director rallies public to get behind independent businesses

Moreton Cullimore urges shoppers to think local as non-essential stores reopen. 

With non-essential stores large and small reopening again, Moreton Cullimore, managing director of his family’s Gloucestershire haulage firm, Cullimore Group, has said that independent businesses are the ones in greatest need of the public’s support.

During the first national lockdown in England, in a LinkedIn post, Mr Cullimore raised concerns that local businesses with ample stock were being overlooked.

Posting at the time, Mr Cullimore stated: “If I have learnt anything, it is that we should shop more local. I went into what I regard as the best butcher and deli in the county [of Gloucestershire] and its shelves and counters were fully stocked. After, I popped in two well-known supermarket brands and shelves of the equivalent produce were empty. We should all be wiser.”

A year later, and Mr Cullimore is once again calling for the Gloucestershire community to show its support for local independent businesses.

Mr Cullimore said: “The ‘shop local’ message has never been as prevalent or important as it is now. Yes, businesses have adapted by moving online for instance, but some of them have been closed for more than year, or worse, ceased trading altogether. In many cases, like the deli I posted about last year, the quality of the equivalent products is just as good at an independent store as what you get in a supermarket, if not better. The only way economic recovery can now really move forward is if we support local economies and businesses which will facilitate growth and local jobs. I hope that as non-essential stores start opening again, others will show their support to their local independents and help Gloucestershire (and beyond) to rebuild.”

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, The Cullimore Group, which is celebrating its 50th year this year, has continued to deliver vital supplies such as flour and food products across Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

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