Let’s beat Covid-19: The short-term future of business training

BizSmart Elevate

Goodbye physical, hello digital. Bromsgrove-based BizSmart, which has  helped hundreds of businesses scale up and grow are not letting Covid-19 get in the way of its work.

Director Kevin Brent has taken his business boost camp online. “We have moved rapidly to bring forward our virtual peer to peer boards and delivered session two of the current programme within a few hours of Boris’s briefing.  The session was a great success and we can do everything online that we would do face to face – including having fun and building strong peer to peer group relationships.”

The temptation in times like these might be to hunker down and turn our attention inwards.  It is precisely in times like these that we need to leverage support of others and look for alternative solutions.  Nick Baxter of recruitment agency Baxter Williams, said “Great session today and too much value from this to postpone.  Let’s keep it remote and take it from there.”

A view echoed by Faith Guest of tool importer Tools of the Trade ” I have to agree Nick – Appreciate everyone’s likely to be experiencing different circumstances with it all, but the Boost camps will be a very welcome (and productive) distraction.  Remotely worked well this morning, group size was about right.”

BizSmart has been running many peer group sessions online for the last for years and has found it to be a highly effective way of harnessing the power and accountability of peer to peer working and forging strong relationships.

The first session for the next Elevate/ Boost Camp cohort will start on April 21st