Jaguar Land Rover opens new advanced testing facility

Jaguar Land Rover

Coventry-based Jaguar Land Rover have opened a new testing facility to test future generations of vehicles for electric and radio interference.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility laboratory in Gaydon will help to make sure new vehicles meet current and future legislation and quality standards regarding electronics and connectivity. The first vehicle to undergo these test was the new Range Rover Sport (pictured), which launched in May.

EMC is the ability of electrical systems and equipment to work properly in their electromagnetic environment. By capping the unintentional creation, amplification and reception of electromagnetic energy, it can reduce the risk of electromagnetic interference and other unwanted effects.

With more electrical components in vehicles than ever before, and further increases each year, testing for EMC is becoming a crucial part of quality control.

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Through two anechoic chambers – an electrically ‘quiet’ rolling road which allows engineers to test vehicles at speed and equipment to track the performance of batteries, electric motors and other individual components – the facility can test a range of features including Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, 4G, 5G, adaptive cruise control, wireless charging and blind spot monitoring.

Peter Phillips, Senior Manager, Electromagnetics and Compliance at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The importance of testing our vehicles for electromagnetic compatibility cannot be underestimated.

“Opening this new testing facility is an important step forward for the business and it will play a crucial role in helping us deliver quality, legal, and customer satisfaction.”

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