It’s yankee doodle dandy for candle makers

candle company Marmalade of London

A Cheltenham candle manufacturer has opened a new distribution centre in the USA, taking on more than 70 sales reps up and down the East Coast.

Marmalade of London expanded into the United States last year with the help of a Department for International Trade grant.

It secured more than $1m worth of contracts with distributors and doubled its annual turnover.

The new distribution centre will make shipping orders across the USA simpler and faster and act as a hub to drive further growth in the region.

Piers Flook, founder and CEO at Marmalade of London, said: “In the US, customers look for assurances that a potential supplier is committed to the region. Having a base in New Jersey means we can give our customers that assurance.

“It’s also been helpful to have our candles, reed diffusers and Body and Bath range available in the country for potential new buyers to see and smell first hand.

“Exporting is not without its challenges but has the potential to transform the fortunes of any business. The reputation British goods have for quality means the demand is there and Department of International Trades (DIT) support and local knowledge can tip the balance further in the favour of British businesses.

“If we can go from zero to millions of dollars in exports with DIT’s support, so can many other local firms.”

The business continues to work with DIT and will be attending two major US trade shows this summer with the hope of growing business in the region even further.

Paul Shand, DIT’s Head of South West, said: “The demand for British-made goods in North America is growing at a rapid pace and it’s encouraging to see Cheltenham-based businesses like Marmalade of London making strategic business decisions to capitalise on that demand.

“South West exports totalled more than £21 billion in 2018 which highlights the many opportunities for local businesses. For companies that are looking to get their products to overseas markets, we have 25 International Trade Advisers across the region who can offer a range of support to help local firms start or increase exporting.”