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Valda Energy, a relatively new name in the energy supply field, is leading the way in the supply of business energy and offering start-ups and smaller businesses a viable alternative to the current crop of energy suppliers.

When it comes to the day-to-day running of small businesses, every decision taken by owners is important. However, now, after a hugely challenging 18 months, such decisions might be the difference between surviving or thriving. There is no magic wand to wave. But if owners can realise small wins against several operational factors, these can add up over time to make a real difference to the bottom-line.

That’s why many smaller operators are looking to partner with agile challenger suppliers who understand their specific pain-points and requirements.

One such business is Valda Energy. Valda Energy’s SmartChoice offering is a prime example of a solution that is geared specifically towards meeting the needs of start-ups and smaller businesses.

Valda SmartChoice offers a real energy industry first, putting energy payment control firmly in the hands of small business customers. The customer can choose for automatic payments to be taken when the account dips low, or to take full control and top-up themselves via debit or credit card, standing order, Direct Debit or BACS.

This payment flexibility is key. Some suppliers will charge extra if customers don’t pay by direct debit. But such a rigid and inflexible payment set-up fails to take into account the ebb and flow of small business accounting and the seasonality that many such businesses contend with. With Valda SmartChoice, businesses can buy the energy they need up-front, as funds allow, and avoid any surprises that can arise from monthly bills.

Valda SmartChoice is a smart meter solution, with the latest meter technology installed for every customer where one isn’t already on site. Once the meter is in place, the customer is given the option of complete account management control and can pay how they want, when they want, via an app or website customer portal.

Smart meter technology is known to be better for the environment simply because users are more aware of their energy consumption, meaning less wastage. This is good news for today’s smaller businesses for whom the environment is an issue of key importance. Of course, smart meters also drive money-saving benefits too – less energy used equates to less cost.

Small businesses must also be able to trust their suppliers. Review services such as Trustpilot are incredibly useful, and Valda Energy’s rating of ‘excellent’ truly stands out in a sector that sometimes struggles to win customer hearts. A UK-based contact centre undoubtedly helps, enabling customers to speak directly to Valda Energy representatives rather than attempt to communicate only via faceless digital channels.

Ultimately, small business owners need service suppliers that recognise their challenges and that provide appropriately tailored solutions . Where business energy supply is concerned, there is no one-size-fits-all. Valda SmartChoice understands this fact, and the solution is being embraced by a growing number of businesses who are determined to face the post-Covid future in the best operational shape possible.

At Valda Energy you don’t need to pay big prices to get outstanding customer service, expert knowledge and the latest digital solutions.

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