It’s complicated, but not to us…

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16i create and deliver straightforward digital solutions to everyday problems faced by companies throughout the UK. From custom software and app development to web design and digital strategy, we can help.

We live in an age where digital technologies have become embedded into the very fabric of what modern marketing solutions are. With a small but highly experienced team, we create innovative digital solutions for a wide variety of clients ranging from start-ups to internationally recognised brands.

Our journey began when Alex Clough, Managing Director started the business. With a handful of talented individuals, who had collectively worked in other design and digital agencies, we began plugging the gaps that others couldn’t. We realised that there was a real need for people with sound technical expertise, who could create things that other, traditional design agencies simply couldn’t. Starting as a small web development team, over the last decade our team has grown into a successful digital agency that is constantly evolving, especially in recent years with our growing product development business.

Through our multi-skilled in-house team, we help clients work out exactly what technology they need in order to make their business operate more effectively. Developing products that solve a client’s problem, without all the sales jargon, is what’s helped grow our reputation for having an open and honest scientific approach.

We take the time to assess clients’ operational challenges and analyse their daily business processes. Through this evaluation we develop creative and technical solutions to make their lives a lot easier and improve their customers’ experience. Bespoke web and mobile app development, e-commerce platforms, stock management software, online ordering systems, as well as managing technical integrations are just some of the things our customers benefit from.

Based in Cheltenham, we have a passion for software. Typically, this is the kind of custom software that runs your business and frees you to focus on growing relationships with your customers. Working for companies throughout the UK and abroad, we love learning about your challenges and working with you to develop business software from scratch based on your business sector and needs. Our ethos is to help companies to fully explore business goals, aims and digital objectives…and well just make things that bit less complicated.

There are always ideas brewing in the 16i office

We’ve got fresh coffee and decades of digital experience for anyone who’d like to visit. We love sharing our knowledge and ideas, so if you have a project, you’d like help with, come in for a chat with us about ideas and solutions that can help your business.

T: 01242 654 000