Is your Business about to go Bang?

Promotional Business Feature: Veloci-tech - Pictured, Veloci-Tech team: From L-R: Danielle Cole, Paul Holmes and Gordon Petrie

 Whether that’s in a good way or not so much!  – Either way surprisingly, the same help may be needed, to help you keep your business on the rails.

Veloci-tech formally launches its services in January with an event entitled “Innovation in a post Covid world”

The Veloci-tech – Business Accelerator was born from the entrepreneurial mind of Danielle Cole who runs her own accountancy practice and learned the hard way, the difficulty in trying to scale a business without becoming overwhelmed. Overcoming these challenges, has led to successfully doubling the size of her practice and creating a business that allows her to work just 1-2 days a week.

Spending time watching several of her most exciting clients businesses grow rapidly, it was obvious to Danielle, they were making most of the same mistakes she had on her own journey. Despite on the face of it these businesses generating large revenues, the writing was on the wall. They wouldn’t listen to the advice offered and so the inevitable often happened and the owners became overwhelmed with operational tasks. Having built the business around their own operational skills and talents, and recruiting like-minded people rather than for the right experience and expertise. With revenue looking good, this uncontrolled spending and extravagant decisions, would usually cost them later down the line once they were overwhelmed.

In such cases, that imagined quick sale and cash-in on that initial success and the millionaire lifestyle they had hoped for evaporates. A business that requires the owners to be actively involved in the day to day running for it to work are almost unsalable and once business owners are drowning in a to do list – profit dwindles, and the cash runs out – even though there are usually more than enough orders.

Veloci-tech will help you avoid this and help you build your business successfully and sustainably!

Launch: The launch will bring together key industry technology speakers as well as many regional businesses to celebrate the partnership between Danielle and partner consultants; Paul Holmes – PCH Business Consultants and Gordon Petrie – Indesosa. Combining to cover a very broad range of strategic, operational, financial and commercial experience, working with a very different, outcome focused process, that delivers a bespoke implementation plan for every client.

What is it: The Veloci-tech business accelerator is designed to give you the stable financial building blocks and decision making process, to ensure the business can still grow quickly, but carefully and safely. It supplies you and your business with expert support on strategic planning, operations and commercial activity, to ensure you have the time to breathe, and have the right structure, processes and decision making in place, to allow you to build the company so you don’t get consumed by it.

Innovation post Covid: Covid has changed the way many businesses work, probably for the foreseeable future. Its forced businesses to pivot, adapt and embrace new technologies, to allow them to trade online, automate processes and improve client experiences. Many of the innovations have been born from necessity and many others from new opportunity!

Combining with the effects of Brexit and an increasing need to focus on sustainability with COP26 very fresh in the memory, new ways of digitization and data management, healthcare, fintech and many disruptive business ideas stand to make innovation and technology an exciting place.

Will one of Veloci-tech’s clients be one of those rising stars? If they are, they will be in very capable hands and have fantastic chance of building with their support a sustainable and enjoyable business for the future.

Are you ready to scale ?

What’s the chance that your scale up will run out of money?

Contact the Veloci-Tech team on 01242 371317 or email

Veloci-Tech team: From L-R: Danielle Cole, Paul Holmes and Gordon Petrie

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