Invention could help fuel domestic homes and businesses by converting waste to energy


A new invention is set to revolutionise how people fuel their homes and businesses by converting waste into energy.

Entrepreneur Nik Spencer, CEO of Mission Heru, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, has invented the technology which takes everyday disposable items and converts them into energy.

More than 100 business leaders were introduced to the Home Energy Resources Unit (HERU) at a Coventry and Warwickshire Champions meeting at the British Motor Museum.

Nik presented the new piece of technology and explained how it will allow people to efficiently dispose of waste by turning it into energy, powering their homes or businesses.

It aims to divert materials from ending up in landfill sites and to find better ways to interactively manage resources, cutting energy bills in the process.

The machine works like the majority of other appliances that are found in the home, powered by a 32-amp cooker socket and linked to a water connection and sewer pipes.

Les Ratcliffe, Chairman for CW Place Board, said: “It is fantastic that this new revolutionary piece of technology has been created right here in Warwickshire.

“It is set to transform not only our carbon footprint as a country but also the way that companies power their premises, particularly in terms of energy efficiency and cost.

“In years to come the HERU could be found in every home and office in the country. That is the level of potential we are talking about.

“It is encouraging to see successful entrepreneurs from this region working on projects that do not only benefit businesses but will be beneficial to the rest of our community and have a lasting effect on generations to come.”