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Pictured: Cameron Rathwell
Cameron Rathwell HSBC

Cameron Rathwell, Area Director & Head of Corporate Banking in the Thames Valley, HSBC UK looks at why UK businesses are so optimistic

HSBC recently released our 2019 Navigator report. It identified that nearly 80 per cent of UK businesses were optimistic about sales growth this year. The question then becomes, given what has been a very challenging external environment in the past months – why are they so optimistic? One reason cited by the research is that businesses are looking to open up new markets.

In a similar piece of research HSBC conducted through YouGov in 2019, we surveyed more than 2,000 UK companies, including some of the country’s Intrepid Exporters. UK businesses export for a variety of reasons, not the least is the opportunity to grow; but often what triggers the move to international trade is the superiority of product relative to what’s available in international markets, unexpected orders from overseas and rather interestingly, new routes to market being created. Some UK businesses will take comfort in the fact that Brexit is now going to happen and as we move through the transition period, details such as new trade arrangements and a more permanent long-term agreement with the EU, will ideally become known.

Businesses looking for growth – through existing exports or super-charging a strong performing domestic business by starting to export – will have their eye on what’s happening with the shifting trade landscape and will be looking to take advantage to grow market share and expand into new regions.

Whether you’re an exporter today, or looking to drive growth through international markets, we want to help the UK’s best and brightest businesses take their products and services to new markets.

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Further International News: 

Dogs rock worldwide for Podium Pet Products

Podium Pet Products, the Maidenhead-based company which sells innovative pet products, wrapped up 2019 by selling more than two million of its Dog Rocks packs worldwide.

Dog Rocks help stop pet urine burning patches on lawns, grass and hedges.

In September, the company announced that it had secured a new contract with a Canadian pet supplies company which is set to increase its annual turnover by 20 per cent to £2.4 million.

Founded in 2006 by three former athletes with a passion for pets, Podium Pet Products develops and manufactures a wellbeing and grooming range for domestic animals which includes aloe-enriched shampoo bars, soothing balms and odour eliminating candles.

The deal will see the company’s complete product range stocked in 600 PetSmart stores across Canada with this expected to extend to the chain’s American stores as well. The company’s flagship product Dog Rocks is already being sold across 1,500 PetSmart stores in the United States.

Carina Evans, CEO at Pet Podium Products said: “Exporting was an important part of our business strategy from the very beginning. It was a no brainer as the North American market is huge with plenty of opportunity for a business like ours.”

EAV drives commercial opportunities across the world

Oxfordshire-based Electric Assisted Vehicles Ltd (EAV), which manufactures electrically-assisted eCargo lightweight commercial vehicles, is enjoying strong demand for its recently-launched EAVcab.

It follows the success of its EAVan, developed to combat urban congestion and pollution. “We’ve supplied EAVans to Ireland, Spain, Germany, Portugal and France to help support British manufacturing and exporting abroad,” said Adam Barmby, EAV’s Founder and Chief Executive.

“We’re now experiencing strong interest from European businesses, illustrating their focus on clean city, ultra lightweight transport.”

EAV has now launched its EAVcab, a chassis cab development from the EAVan. The purpose-built quadracycle weighs in at 120kg and can currently carry a 120kg payload.