Infant travel system launches to investors at BPE Cheltenham

W Ark Innovations

Tewkesbury-based Ark Global Innovations is just weeks from being ready to launch its ‘designed and engineered in Cheltenham’ Infant travel system to the global nursery market.

Watch the video introducing the new innovation

A third round of investment is underway to fund delivery of the marketing programme and manufacturing the first production run, in anticipation of the UK launch at the NEC Baby Show in May.

Ark noticed a big gap in innovation within the nursery sector and identified a strong requirement to deliver not just appealing designs for parents, but needs-led products that actually enable parents to provide the best environment for their child.

They have identified three distinct areas in which they are able to bring effective innovation:

The first being the textile elements of product that come into contact with baby.

Second is temperature, because babies aren’t able to regulate their own temperature well.

The third is the comfort and stability of the ride.

The  Ark team also have a funnel of ideas that will further build their offering and position in the market place.

Co-founder, Phil Staunton, said: “We have a fantastic product that is ready to manufacture and a sales and marketing programme that we are ready to launch. Thanks to our hard working and exceptional team with cross functional experience in product development, sales, marketing, the nursery category, start up’s and global businesses, we are optimistic about quickly and successfully establishing the Ark brand in the nursery market. All of the management team are personally invested in the business. The margins are strong, the global category is growing and we are anticipating being profitable within 12 months.”

Ark is now entering another round of investment that’s open to both small and larger scale investors and will be presenting its innovation TOMORROW, Friday February 11am, Southam Meeting Room, BPE solicitors, Cheltenham. please