Ineco Energy powers Thorlux Lighting with £1 million solar savings

Ineco Energy Thorlux article image for BIM

With energy prices on the rise and a focus on developing more sustainable business practices to help fight climate change, a move to renewable energy made perfect sense for Thorlux Lighting.

Ineco Energy designed and installed a 250kWp solar energy system, comprising almost 1000 panels. This rooftop solar system will generate clean energy for Thorlux, saving them over £30,000 each year on their energy bills, amounting to £1 million over the lifetime of the solution.

The Thorlux Lighting manufacturing facility in Redditch produces professional lighting and control systems. As with many manufacturing processes, energy usage is significant and the associated carbon footprint considerable. They already had an active carbon offsetting program, involving tree planting to counterbalance the emissions created in the course of manufacture and distribution. Harnessing solar energy has proven to be the perfect extension to that environmental commitment, reducing their use of grid energy and further reducing their carbon footprint by saving over 57 tonnes of carbon annually.

James Thorpe, Business Development Director for Thorlux Lighting, commented “From a financial perspective, it makes good sense for us to move to solar. Energy prices are rising all the time, it gives us our own energy generation here and we’re less reliant on the grid.”

With a payback time of under five years, the financial and environmental benefits alone mean utilising solar energy makes sense for any business, but particularly for those who manage an energy intensive manufacturing process.

The team at Thorlux are energy efficiency masters, thanks to over 80 years’ experience in the design, production and distribution of luminaires. The adoption of solar energy to deliver cleaner, cheaper electricity builds on their efficient practices, enabling greater business sustainability. Reducing reliance on the national grid also insures against energy price rises and power outages, enabling progress towards energy independence while reducing outgoings.

Ineco Energy’s Angus Rose managed the installation at Thorlux; “Our mission at Ineco Energy is to save our clients money and help reduce their carbon footprint, which is why we designed, installed and will maintain the system at Thorlux Lighting to deliver the greatest possible savings over the life of the project.”

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