Increased risk of phishing emails target work-from-home employees


Oxfordshire based cyber security consultants CQR have warned businesses to be aware of a significant increase in phishing email attacks, as cyber criminals target the large number of employees now working from home.

Around half of cyber attacks in the UK involve phishing emails* and the damage and disruption they can cause to businesses of all sizes can be devastating. Just by clicking on a link in one of these emails, an employee could potentially give hackers access to their organisation’s data and systems where they could then install ransomware that prevents access, until a ransom is paid.

As attacks are becoming more complex, highly targeted and performed on such a large scale, CQR are now offering a fully managed Phishing Awareness Training service to help ensure organisations are familiar with the latest phishing threats and techniques.

The comprehensive training system includes simulated phishing attacks, so organisations can understand their current risk level, as well as regularly updated online training modules that help employees detect phishing emails.

Simon Glover, CQR’s Operations Director said: “With more of us now working from home than ever before, many for the first time, cyber criminals are seeing an opportunity. They’re targeting newly remote teams with increasingly sophisticated phishing emails.”

“Phishing emails are constantly evolving so having regular training for your teams on the latest techniques is essential. All it takes is one employee to click a malicious link and your data and critical systems could be taken offline. As part of our company mission to help “Make the world a safer place”, we’ve partnered with the industry leading Phriendly Phishing team to offer a comprehensive package of training tools to help businesses reduce their risk of falling victim to a costly attack.”