Immersive Labs signs MOU with UAE Government to develop nationwide cyber skills

Immersive Labs UAE

Bristol-based cyber security training firm Immersive Labs has officially signed an MOU with the government of the United Arab Emirates to bring cyber workforce optimisation to the entire nation.

The firm aims to address the human challenge in cybersecurity in the UAE by enabling people nationwide to be part of a more vibrant, competitive and secure cyberspace and digital economy.

Using Immersive Labs’ award-winning platform, individuals throughout the UAE will be able to exercise, evidence and equip the cyber knowledge, skills and judgment necessary to remain resilient in the face of growing threats.

The collaboration will combine four key areas into a nationwide program that will drastically improve the cybersecurity skills and resilience of the UAE:

  • Learning paths to equip individuals working in critical national infrastructure and government entities with fundamental cybersecurity knowledge and skills.
  • Crisis simulation scenarios to benchmark decision-making skills across the region and local government entities and test their cyber resilience.
  • Learning paths to assess and upskill individuals with existing cybersecurity knowledge at either college, university or professional level.
  • Learning paths to create opportunities for individuals with no previous background in technology and from underrepresented communities to explore a career in cybersecurity and develop new skills.