i2i Recruitment expands its unique offering across the UK with Search and Selection

Promotional Article - Pictured: David Woodward, Director

The largest independent recruitment consultancy in the Cheltenham and South West area, i2i Recruitment Consultancy Limited, has announced the launch of a new nationwide recruitment service for businesses and professionals, i2i Search and Selection Limited.

i2i Recruitment specialises in commercial office staff, both permanent and temporary, and i2i Search and Selection compliments this by providing a national service to source candidates in technical and management roles.

With the UK skills shortage making it harder than ever for businesses to source and engage the best quality talent for their vacancies, i2i Recruitment and i2i Search and Selection review over 1,000 CVs and meet with 350 potential candidates each week. The firm has filled more than 80 permanent roles and 5,000 temporary worker hours in January alone.

David started recruiting nearly 20 years ago after gaining factory experience with Northern Foods and Mars across quality, production and supply chain roles. As a recruiter, he has worked with a broad spectrum of blue chip, SME and start-up businesses to source key skills.

Taking a dynamic personal approach, i2i Recruitment and i2i Search and Selection appreciates that behind every CV is a person and behind each job spec sits a business with individual needs. This has become a major company philosophy due to its success for both clients and candidates alike.

To achieve this personal approach, both i2i Recruitment and i2i Search and Selection become an extension of their client’s business. This is done by reducing risk, investing in recruitment and protecting the customer brand. Marketing the customer to the consultancies extensive employment talent pool provides the ultimate shortlist of candidates.

It is this focus on a consultancy-based service for both candidates and employers that has led to an impressive 2:1 interview to placement ratio, helping job seekers secure the role of their dreams.

David Woodward T: 01242 771 021 E: David@i2irecruitment.co.uk

i2i Search and Selection have already had great success

A good example of this is their work with healthcare rm’s CEO, Pamela Gellatly.

healthcare rm was set up in 2000 with a unique proposition and insight – delivering business healthcare solutions, integrating health at a personal and organisational level. They establish the most effective clinical or non-clinical interventions that resolve heath issues in the long term rather than promote a particular treatment pathway.

Pamela identified the need for a Data Scientist with a specific skill set and health care experience. i2i Search and Selection focussed on the essential criteria a candidate would need to fulfil the scope of the role and shortlisted a single candidate. The successful candidate joined the business and the recruitment process was completed within a week. Although these processes tend to take longer, we are always thorough and efficient!