HR business’s growth during Covid19 sees it move into new offices

Photo shows: Laura Callahan, Mihaela Reade (correct spelling) and Suzie Mendes, of Willow HR
The Willow team

HR specialist Laura Callahan and her growing team have supported so many business owners in Oxfordshire and beyond this summer that they’ve moved to their first office.

The team of Willow HR have moved to the High Street in Shrivenham as Laura expands her company to help business owners who are either thriving due to Covid19, or facing challenges.

Laura (37) is well known in the county and also as a supporter of the national organisation Single Mums Business Network, as she was a single mum for several years.

Laura said: “Covid19 has changed life for all of us, personally and in business. Willow HR has seen an increase in our business; we’ve moved into an office and employed new staff to support existing and new clients. We feel very privileged to be in this position at a time when many businesses are finding times very difficult.”

“We now have three HR consultants as well as other associates. This has exceeded our growth plans which has meant looking at our business plan again. We’ve seen tons of recruitment as well as a need to support businesses to define the structure, purpose and goals of the organisation going forward; whether they are in growth or decline.”

Laura started Willow HR four years ago and has more than 15 years’ experience in human resources and recruitment. She took the leap to set up her own business, a huge decision as a single parent with two children.

“Willow HR started around me supporting myself and my children. Now I’m supporting myself, my children and other women to do the same. The challenge for Willow HR right now is maintaining momentum while making sure we’re continuing to deliver quality support to those in business at this crucial time.

“I’m from a working-class background. None of this has been handed to me and it’s not been easy. It’s involved sacrificing ‘me time’ and so I understand the pressures and challenges businesses face every day. One of our clients was, at the start of the year facing closure; today they’re on a different journey with a three-fold rise in their business.”

Currently Laura is supporting clients in the education, manufacturing, FMCG market research and retail sectors. Her clients include Cranfield University, Gloucestershire-based manufacturing and project engineering company Alvan Blanch and Newbury-based sparkling wine business Freixenet Copestick.