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Nowadays, we see digital marketing increasingly embracing social media marketing (SMM).  Done well, this can be really effective, but what is involved and how does it sit alongside the better-known companion services, SEO and PPC?

Digital Marketing Director at revvd, Phil Cooper, explains how each technique can prove effective in helping you to win more new business.

SMM (social media marketing)

SMM uses demographic information to target the perfect customer for your business, using criteria such as:

  • Job title
  • Who they work for
  • Who they like and follow
  • Interests
  • Raise awareness and sell solutions that your customers may not have thought about.
  • Promote the sale of complimentary products (for example, customised, branded car mats to drivers of that brand of car).


  • A/B/C/D Test your adverts, record the results and amend accordingly.
  • Run a campaign, at least three times to achieve the best results.
  • Make sure your brand is always front and centre.
  • A clear offer and a specific call to action.
  • Target niche audiences – For example, Tesla car mats for Tesla drivers.

You can use SMM to direct people to your website, which helps boost SEO rankings through additional traffic and social signals.

PPC (pay per click)

  • Instant results because customers are searching for your products
  • Quality score matters – it’s not what you sell, it’s how well the 3 elements work together.
  • Keywords
  • Advert
  • Landing page

You will need to constantly monitor and adjust your campaigns. Google is adept at working very hard to extract every last penny of your budget.

How does it work?

  • Choose the keywords that trigger your advert.
  • Your advert is shown, and the user clicks it.
  • You visitor is taken straight to your web page.


  • Write 3 adverts, keep the best performing ad and replace two… repeat.
  • Use a maximum of 10 keywords per campaign.
  • Only deploy one landing page – if the phone isn’t ringing, make improvements quickly.

PPC requires insight and investment, but it can produce very quick results while helping to raise your brand profile amongst your target audience.

SEO (search engine optimisation)

  • All digital marketing paths lead to your website.
  • SEO is a long game, but it can achieve significant long-term rewards.
  • SEO requires a well-structured website to perform effectively.
  • Link building is less important than good quality pages that people spend time on.
  • Well written and designed content will always will be a key differentiator.


  • Structure your site for easy navigation.
  • Write for your audience, not the search engines.
  • Test new content with people outside of your industry.

SEO is still the most desirable service and it has the highest chance of leading to conversion.

Final Tips

  • There is no shame in learning from your competitors digital marketing efforts, by digging into what they are up to, following them and delving into the content and functionality of their website.
  • Unless you are familiar, for example, with the difference between Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match, consider engaging specialist help from revvd.


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