Hollywood hypnotherapist visiting Ricoh Arena

Mental Welfare Coach

A Hollywood hypnotherapist who has helped stars from the big screen to overcome their demons, is visiting Ricoh Arena to help people from across the world who are experiencing poor mental health.

Karl Smith, CEO of the UK Hypnosis Academy, is set to welcome visitors to Coventry from as far afield as Dubai and Australia between Monday 30 March and Saturday 4 April for the Academy’s Mental Welfare Coach sessions.

The sessions are flexible and open to anyone interested in mental health – whether it is someone looking for support for their own mental health issues, or for educating firms how to identify someone who may be struggling, and techniques that can be used to support them.

Karl puts the success of the UK Hypnosis Academy – which has helped around 300 people a year across 32 different countries since launching four years ago – down to his own personal experiences.

Karl, who used to work for a special armed police force called the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, said: “I was run over by a drink-driver after finishing my shift back in 2006 and suffered multiple injuries – a broken leg, rotated ankle and fractured cheekbone were just some of the injuries I sustained.

“It was devastating to say the least. I was given painkillers to help, but it wasn’t until I came off them that I realised it had masked the post-trauma that I was having from being run over.

“I was offered counselling but it just didn’t work for me until a friend told me to try hypnosis.

“Within a few days I could really feel it was making a difference, and after a few weeks all of the nightmares, anger and aggression I had developed just disappeared.

“Ever since then I have developed a real passion for the positive effects that hypnosis can have on people – and the mental health training forms a part of this.

“Those who are attending my event at The Ricoh in March will walk away with three key things that they can hold on to.

“Firstly, I will help them to understand why they are feeling the way they do in a personal session, and secondly, they will feel empowered to turn their feelings around by using coping techniques.

“Thirdly, it’s so important that everyone recognises that it’s normal to feel unhappy, anxious or depressed, but with the emphasis that no one person is broken.”

For more information about the Mental Welfare Coach sessions, visit www.mentalwelfarecoach.org and for more information about the UK Hypnosis Academy visit www.ukhypnosisacademy.com.