High Wycombe audio company launches new brand for public bars, hotels and retail

Focusrite Optimal Audio

Focusrite plc, the High Wycombe-based global music and audio products company, has launched a new brand, Optimal Audio, in the commercial audio market.  Commercial audio is professionally installed sound systems in a range of public enterprises such as bars, hotels, and retail. 

Optimal Audio offers control, amplification and loudspeakers for small to medium-sized commercial installations, with a focus on supporting multi-zone venues, offering that delivers high quality sound.  The products are easy to install and can be operated by anyone, not only by sound engineers. 

The Group is now comprised of seven brands across three business units:  Focusrite, Focusrite Pro, Novation, and Ampify, which make up the Focusrite Audio Engineering (FAEL) business unit, ADAM Audio and Martin Audio. From a reporting perspective, Optimal Audio will be included under the Martin Audio brand.

Tim Carroll, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Optimal Audio has been in development for three years. We have conducted extensive R&D across product and software to simplify the world of commercial audio.  Alongside its own dedicated staff, a number of colleagues from across the Group – most notably from within Martin Audio – have helped to bring Optimal Audio to fruition and I would like to congratulate them on the launch.  In the long term, our ambition is that the brand will have its own dedicated team.

“We firmly believe that Optimal Audio’s offering not only combines ease of product selection, installation, and use but in many cases offers a feature set normally associated with premium-priced offerings, making it commercially attractive.  This competitiveness, alongside the size of the addressable market, excites us and bodes well for future growth prospects.”