High tech Malvern company, D-RisQ Ltd awarded Excellence in Innovation

D Risk Ltd

Malvern based D-RisQ has won an award for Excellence in Innovation in this years’ Hereford and Worcester Chamber Business Awards.

 The award is recognition for the company’s  investment in innovative software verification technologies over a number of years.

D-RisQ brings advanced automated software verification tools to safety-critical, security-critical and business-critical systems developers. The technologies are being used in various autonomous systems including applications in air, nuclear decommissioning and off-shore underwater.  The software developed using D-RisQ tools enables the safe operation of such autonomous systems, for example, when it is not possible for a human to communicate with the vehicle.  This make such systems trustworthy.  The company is also developing software for a new ground breaking medical device that will help with organ transplant to address a global need.  The tools continue to be developed alongside other work undertaken in the automotive and cyber-security sectors.  The common theme being the assurance that the required behaviour is always present and the undesired behaviour will never occur.

Nick Tudor, CEO of D-RisQ said: This award recognises the potential that these world leading automatic techniques can have in changing the way the world does software and therefore making the world a safer, more secure place”

Prof Colin O’Halloran, who has over 30 years’ experience in software assurance said “The fundamentals of our technologies were developed over 100 years ago, but with the recent advances in available computing power and the theoretical computer science, which we have been in the vanguard of, means we can develop easily accessible technologies and thus speed up the assured development of safety and security critical systems”