Hereford cancer screening company enters into agreement with NHS

Rutherford Health

Hereford-based Rutherford Health plc has entered into a framework agreement with NHS Shared Business Services to provide cancer treatment services on demand by any NHS Trust at a pre-agreed set of prices. The agreement lasts for two years with an option to extend for a further two years on the agreement of both parties. The agreement covers radiotherapy, systemic anti-cancer therapy (chemotherapy), proton beam therapy and diagnostic services.

NHS SBS delivers services to the NHS, which improve efficiency and quality, save time and money.

Rutherford Health was founded in 2015 by Mike Moran and UK and international cancer experts, including Professor Edward Karol Sikora, former head of the World Health Organisation’s cancer programme. The company is building a network of oncology centres known as the Rutherford Cancer Centres.

The company plans to open further centres over the next few years and its first centre in South Wales was the first in the UK to offer and treat with high energy proton beam therapy.

As well as the Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales, Rutherford Health plc (formerly known as Proton Partners International Limited) has opened two further centres – the Rutherford Cancer Centre North East in Northumberland and the Rutherford Cancer Centre Thames Valley in Reading, with proton therapy now available in both. Construction of a fourth site in Liverpool, the Rutherford Cancer Centre North West, is now complete and awaiting fitting out.

Mike Moran, Rutherford’s CEO, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have signed this agreement with NHS SBS. We have been supplying radiotherapy and systemic anti-cancer therapy to NHS patients in England and Wales and proton beam therapy to a small number of adult NHS patients in Wales under contracts with individual NHS Trusts. This agreement streamlines the procurement process and enables any NHS Trusts in England and Wales to order services directly from us. It means that we are now in a position to expand the services we actually provide.

“I am particularly delighted to be supporting the fantastic work that the NHS are doing at this incredibly difficult time by providing these critically needed cancer treatments and services in dedicated cancer treatment facilities, relieving the pressure on NHS hospitals”.

Phil Davies, Director of Procurement at NHS, added: “NHS organisations routinely acquire extra clinical capacity to deal with spikes in demand and to keep waiting lists down for patients. The recent extreme pressure on NHS services means that additional clinical support is likely to be needed now more than ever.  We have worked with a number of NHS trusts to put a framework in place that enables any NHS provider to access high-quality clinical services quickly – in a cost-effective and compliant manner.”