Here are some of the reasons why you might want to use i2i Independent Recruitment Consultancy instead of doing it yourself…

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It is a common misconception, no matter the industry that you are in, that recruiting new staff is an easy process. However, this isn’t always the case.

Sure, a straightforward job is going to be relatively easy to recruit for, but even the simplest of roles can have some hurdles and challenges that pop up along the way.

An alternative route to take is to ask for the help of i2i Recruitment, but what are the benefits of using a recruitment consultancy and what makes i2i different? Here are some of the main reasons why many people opt for a recruitment consultancy over doing it themselves, and why i2i is unique.

Saving you time…

Every business owner and in-house recruiter will tell you that one thing they wished that they had more of is time. No-one has a time machine, it would be great if we did, but there are ways that you can buy yourself more time when it comes to running a business. When it comes to recruitment, a sometimes lengthy and time-consuming process, you can save yourself a whole lot of time by using a recruitment consultancy, like i2i Recruitment. We can take control of the tasks that need to be done, leaving you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Protecting your brand…

By using i2i Recruitment, we ensure that all candidates applying for your roles are spoken to and fully understand the process of recruitment. Do you have the time to speak to everyone who applies for a role, even if they’re not suitable? We can protect your business from the negative impact of being too busy to contact candidates back. This feedback for both candidates and clients ensures everyone is up to date and understands what is happening.

Protecting your investment…

When you use i2i Recruitment we protect your investment. We invest our time, money and expertise into finding you the best candidates for your roles so you’re protected from heavy spending on job boards and advertising. We know that we’ll be able to find you the right candidates, so we’re happy to invest in your candidate search for you. So, don’t let the thought of the cost put you off using i2i Recruitment, we’ll invest first, removing your initial risk.

You will be able to find the best candidates possible…

When you advertise a role you are going to hope that you attract the very best quality applicants and talent. Of course, if things go well, you will find the right people. However, you can make sure that the odds are definitely stacked in your favour to find the best candidates possible, by using i2i Recruitment. Not only will we already have candidates in your industry, but also, we will know how to reach out to even more outstanding people too.

You will receive the support that you need…

As we have already covered, it can be tricky to recruit, particularly if you know nothing about it. Having someone there to give you advice, to help you to understand more about the process and to ensure that you can make informed decisions is invaluable.

This support is something that i2i Recruitment can give you. We’re a recruitment consultancy, not an agency. We partner with our clients and provide a quality, personal service – becoming an extension of businesses like yours, we want to help long-term, not just once.

Let i2i Recruitment do the hard work…

i2i Recruitment is a large and local, independent family owned business that pushes for the best out of everything we do. When it comes to filling a role we have the ability to find, register and get to know over 100 candidates a week.

We want to introduce the best candidates and employers that ordinarily would not have met.

i2i Recruitment is a large consultancy with a great reputation in the area. This gives us a large pool of talent coming into the office, and our experienced consultants speak to every single one of them ensuring we know and fully understand what they want to do, and what they could be good at.

We don’t just sift or filter through CVs like other recruitment agencies, we know our candidates well enough to know who is suited to which roles straight away. If we don’t have the right candidates for you, we have 16 consultants that can all help find the best people quickly.

Once we have shortlisted the best people for your role or roles we’ll send you the best matches. This is our investment in your business, protecting you from the multiple applications that aren’t suitable. This is why we always aim for a great 2:1 ratio of interviews to placement. The 2:1 ratio gives you a lot more time to focus on your day to day work!

Do you have a role that needs to be filled?  Why not get in touch and see how we can make your recruitment easier?