Hazlewoods launches the #BusinessForTomorrow campaign

Promotional Business Feature: Pictured - Scott Lawrence, Hazlewoods
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In response to the rapidly changing environment that we now live and work in, Hazlewoods know that businesses are going to need support and advice so are now launching a #BusinessForTomorrow campaign full of insightful content from their employees and wider network.

By thinking about what business will be like tomorrow, the next day and so on, we can adapt now and be ready. Hazlewoods want to be with the business community for that journey and this campaign is deeply rooted to their purpose of ‘Driving Lifelong Prosperity’. As Hazlewoods also learn new ways to work, reflect on learnings and experiences, there is a very human level reminding us all that business is about people.

Since before the country went into lockdown, Hazlewoods have been releasing daily updates on resources available for businesses and with free guides, such as cash flow templates, to help businesses through this extraordinary time. With the launch of #BusinessForTomorrow, Hazlewoods have recently produced a comprehensive 30-point checklist, that you might find useful to ensure that you have made use of all the support available. It includes a summary of Government support, cash flow tips and administrative matters.

 Download the checklist here: https://www.hazlewoods.co.uk/responding-to-the-coronavirus

Hazlewoods are planning a series of articles, webinars and top tips to help business. To receive updates as #BusinessForTomorrow progresses and access wider resources, you can sign up here: https://www.hazlewoods.co.uk/preference-centre

If you need our help or advice, please contact Scott Lawrence on 01242 237661 or scott.lawrence@hazlewoods.co.uk.


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