Having trouble shopping for clothes online that fit when they arrive? worry no more…


A University of Oxford spinout which is building a platform that makes 3D accurate body scanning and reconstruction available from any smartphone, is on the hunt for £800,000 investment through the Angel Investment Network.

Aistetic is applying computer vision and deep learning to the real world problems associated with shopping for clothes online. It’s building an innovative e-commerce platform, applying computer vision and deep tech to clothing.

Aistetic 2The company’s software will provide a number of benefits to clothing retailers including Accurate digital measurement for a better fit; Sizing recommendations to reduce returns, an interactive 3D model to virtually try on and combine clothing to increase average order values and also reduce returns and data to optimize new product development: pattern cutting and sizing. It’s purpose is to help reduce returns and retailers’ environmental footprints.

How many times have you sent clothing bought online back to the retailer? Don’t say that a pair of trousers with the labels on are still sitting in your bedroom drawer because you couldn’t be bothers to send them back?

With world -class founders from leading academic institutions and companies, the team is aiming to disrupt and improve how everyone shops for clothes. Aistetic was founded to make tailoring accessible to more people wherever they are, and to do so sustainably, reducing waste and encouraging a more sustainable approach to clothing.

Its innovation partners are the University of Oxford, Innovate UK, & OxLep. It is also part of the Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage and Data Market Services Accelerator.

The company says it has world leading technology with 97 per cent accuracy, apparel customers want to pilot technology and more than £680,000 of funding to date.